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Our goal...



Consurgo - to rise up , stand up, esp. to speak or related to overcoming disaster, or as a mark of respect. Transf., of persons, [to be aroused to action]; of things, [to arise, break out].

One of the first questions we receive is 'what does consurgo mean'? To stand up and be aroused to action...to raise your voice and be heard. The definition above answers the basic question, but, the underlying answer is in our philosophy of service.

Few people stand up to be heard, but, disaster comes quickly and leaves many mute. For us, we see disaster both literally and metaphorically - being unprepared for your test. That test can come in a multitude of ways from individuals not having basic certification competencies, such as CPR and First Aid, to appropriate continuing education for their professional career. Calamity can also strike the organizations who are not ready to face natural or terrorism based disasters that come calling in their communities.

While some comment after successful responses to personal and community disaster that the participants were "lucky." One gentleman from World War II noted that luck is when opportunity met preparedness.

By providing educational services to you or your organization to respond to the next test you face, we work to make you lucky, by making you prepared. Our goal is your goal. Let's go meet the challenge together.